Mechanical and Civil engineering resources:

This website is a free online collection of resources that cover topics in civil and mechanical engineering. Therefore, more focus has been put into exploring the finite element analysis method (FEA) and the finite volume method in the fields of structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics. Equally important, other resources related to the educational Youtube Channel ‘TheFiravia‘ have been uploaded to the website and put available free to be used for academic purposes. Uniquely, this website is a free space for students, junior and professional engineers.

Although the main focus of the outlet is around topics of engineering simulations, the website also provides various documents and design guides in hydraulic networks, pump station designs, common physics problems and numerical methods. Furthermore, you’ll find a library of 3D materials available for downloads.

Finally, you’ll find a collection of online engineering applications available for free to use and some also are free to download, applications such as surge analysis and duct sizing.

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