CFD, FEA, Mechanical & Civil engineering resources:

I launched this website in 2015 as a free online library of scientific resources that cover topics in civil and mechanical engineering. I always wanted to be involved in improving education and make higher education accessible to everyone. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, I decided to design this website as a gateway to the fields of finite element analysis (FEA) and the finite volume methods for structural mechanics and computational fluid dynamics or CFD. I also connected other resources related to my educational Youtube Channel ‘TheFiravia‘ and made them available for download. I am continuously uploading materials from my channel into this website so that you can use them in your projects and researchers.
Everything available on this website is free for students, junior and professional engineers.

Although the main focus is on topics of engineering simulations, the website also provides various documents and design guides in water networks modeling, pump station designs, common physics problems and numerical methods. Furthermore, you’ll find a library of 3D materials available for download.

Finally, you’ll find a collection of online engineering applications available for free such surge analysis and duct sizing.

About Me

My name is Raef Kobeissi and I was born in Beirut, Lebanon. I graduated with a BEng in the field of mechanical engineering from Beirut Arab University. When I finished school, I wanted to study astrophysics but unfortunately, this degree wouldn’t have granted me a well-paid job. I decided to do engineering instead.

An Engineering degree in Lebanon takes usually 5 years to complete. I started in 2005 and graduated in 2010 with good grades. Before starting university, I used to be interested in science and astronomy but I had never been an academic person until I got to my third year. This is when I showed interest in Thermo-Fluid dynamics.


The Navier Stokes equations just amazed me! After graduation, I wanted to continue my studies so I applied for a Masters degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering in Leicester University (United Kingdom).
I finished my MSc degree in 2012 with Merit. While I was studying in Leicester, I focused on Computational fluid dynamics and that opened for me the world of numerical simulation.

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