About Me

Hi! My name is Raef, I graduated in 2010 with a BEng degree in the field of mechanical engineering from Beirut Arab University. I’ve always been interested in Engineering, Physics, and astronomy before University.

After graduation, I wanted to continue my studies so I applied for a Masters degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at Leicester University (United Kingdom).
I finished my MSc degree in 2012. While studying in Leicester, I focused on Computational fluid dynamics and Finite Element Analysis which introduced me to the world of numerical simulations.

CFD engineering simulation
CFD engineering simulation

I think of my website as an open library for people around the world to advance their knowledge in mechanical and civil engineering. I hope you enjoy it and find what you are looking for. If you like my content, please make sure to share it with your colleagues. Check my Youtube Channel for video tutorials on Computational Fluid Dynamics

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