Prandtl Number:



Prandtl number is defined as the ratio between the kinematic viscosity of a fluid and the thermal diffusion rate. Moreover, the number is dimensionless similar to Reynolds number.
Prandtl number is used in engineering to assess thermal properties, hence, if the number is too small << 1 then thermal diffusivity is dominant and it is bigger than 1 then the kinematic viscosity is dominant.




Thermal Conductivity:


Prandtl Number:
Specific heat:
Dynamic Viscosity:
  • Pr  : Prandtl Number
  • Cp : Specific Heat  | Jkg-1K-1
  • μ   :  Dynamic Viscosity |  kgm-1s-1
  • λ   :  Thermal Conductivity | Wm-1K-1