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One of the methods to calculate the hydraulic loss in water pipes is the Hazen-William empirical equation. The equation is dependent on the flow rate, the diameter, the roughness factor and the length of the pipe.
The roughness factor is dependent on pipe material and other criteria. Furthermore, the equation has certain limitations related to the temperature of the water and the Reynolds number. Other equations can be used to calculate the head-loss and they can relatively be more accurate such as the Darcy-Weisbach equation.

The equation should not be used for flows with Reynolds number less than 10^5. The following engineering tool can be used to estimate the head-loss in meter. The tool can help graduate and post-graduate students who are studying mechanical, civil, chemical or environmental engineering and will be expected to use it after graduation while pursuing their careers in different fields of industry such as the water industry, nuclear industry and many more.

Input Table                                        Output Table

 Flow rate (l/s):
  Head-loss m/km:
  Head-loss (m):
 Velocity (m/s):
  Pipe Length (m):
 Pipe Dia (mm):

The roughness factor can range between 80 to 160 depending on the material and age of pipe.
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