Free Surge Analysis Software – Download


This program simulates a surge in a pipeline transferring water through gravity from a fixed head reservoir due to rapid or slow closure of a valve at the discharge point.

Surge application window

Free surge analysis application
Free surge analysis application

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The first step is to fill all the parameters in window 1 as shown in the image below:

surge Analysis
surge Analysis window

The main (pipe) is divided into 9 nodes, the height of the reservoir remains unchanged during the whole simulation and the head at the valve at time = 0  is specified by the user (Head= Pressure +Height, Datum is the height of the reservoir).

The second step is choosing which node to analyze, the selection is made in window 2 as shown in the image below:

Surge analysis application window

The last step before calculating and saving is to specify the directory in which the excel file will be generated and saved, Remember, do not use the same file name for 2 different scenarios, that will throw an error.

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