Download the 3D Model of Apollo 11 Space Capsule

Apollo 11 was the first Mission that landed 2 humans on the surface of the moon. It was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Fascinated by NASA’s space program and while having plenty of time during the holidays, I decided to create a 3D model of the Apollo 11 re-entry capsule. It is not perfect and obviously lacks a lot of details but it was a worthwhile attempt. As a matter of a fact, I created this model to use it in one of my hypersonic CFD simulations. I can tell you, it was very difficult to successfully carry out a hypersonic model using a 3D geometry.

Apollo 11 capsule
Apollo 11 capsule

The picture above is a rendered version of the standalone model of the Apollo 11 space capsule. Furthermore, I will be making available 2 .step versions of the geometry, the first one is just a copy of the capsule as shown in the picture above and the second is mainly prepared for hypersonic CFD use.

The CFD version of the 3D model contains 4 layers of objects which are necessary for enhanced meshing.

To download the first version, please click here: Version 1

To download the second version, please click here: Version 2(CFD Use)

For additional free 3D models, click here: More

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