What Are the Best Graduate Degrees For Engineers and  What are the Top Mechanical Engineering Universities in the USA

It is a difficult question to answer, first I need to ask what do you mean by best? If you mean ‘best’ as in high earning degrees then I might have a different answer than ‘best’ for the most exciting degree of our modern age. I, for instance, love Mechanical Engineering and I consider it one of the best graduate degrees for engineers today because it is rich with a wide range of topics, from Fluid dynamics to structural mechanics, from aeronautics to automotive.

If you’re looking for high earning degrees, then I would recommend the following engineering programs:

  • Energy engineering degree
  • Petroleum engineering degree
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Automotive, part of a Mechanical degree
  • Software engineering (software development)


Mechanical Engineering - Fire sprinkler network
Mechanical Engineering – Fire sprinkler network

Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in the USA

I wanted to focus a bit on universities in the USA, so by doing a quick research online, I found that the top mechanical engineering universities without any particular order are:

Before you look at which university you should go to, first decide what your priorities are. Are you looking for engineering programs that interest you and tickle your educational curiosity? Or are you thinking about a financial return? After all, education is an investment. Furthermore,  it is important to find a balance between what you like and what you would like to achieve.

Once you decide what you want to do, it is important to review your budget, how much are you ready to pay for an education? Are you going to be in debt for a long time? and is your choice of University worth it?

At the end of the day, it is you who can judge whether it is worth doing the degree you’re willing to do or not regardless of which university you pick.

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