3D Asteroid model

A 3D Asteroid model was created using the software Rhinoceros 3D or Rhino 3D. The model was created by creating a longitudinal profile of a random rock shaped body.

A full Youtube tutorial video explaining the method followed in the modelling process. To watch, please click this link: Drawing and rendering a 3D asteroid using RhinoThis tutorial will demonstrate how to draw and render a 3D asteroid using Rhinoceros  by constructing a longitudinal profile using closed curves. The tutorial shows how to use the loft option to finalalize the 3D model. Rhino is a computer 3D aided design developped by a company in the United States of America, the software is used by thousands of engineers and designers around the world. To download a trial version of the software, please visit their website. Rhino3D Website.

To download the tutorial file, please click on the following link: 3D asteroid (.step & .3DM)

3D Asteroid model created on Rhino
3D Asteroid model created on Rhino

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