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This section is dedicated to academics and professionals who are looking for specific design guides and articles covering topics in CFD, water network modeling, and structural mechanics.
You can download and use all available documents on this page.
Disclaimer:  All contents are purely informative and they are not to be used for commercial purposes without being checked and reviewed by a licensed engineer. 

CFD video simulation of a high pressure burst flow

To see the video- Click Here

PC Specifications for the best CFD Simulation experience

Check a PC built specifications for the best CFD simulation experience

Velocity contour

A step by step CFD ANSYS Fluent Tutorial of a transient flow over a NACA Airfoil

CFD #ANSYS #Fluent Tutorial of a transient flow over a #NACA #Airfoil – Click Here

How to calculate the cooling coil capacity - HVAC Design guide series - Article 2

Guidlines for calculating cooling coil capacity – HVAC Design

Temperature contour

Atmospheric Re-entry of a space capsule into earth's atmosphere -CFD Simulation

CFD Simulation result of a space capsule re-entering earth’s atmosphere

Magnus effect, a comprehensive CFD Simulation tutorial.

Magnus effect, a CFD Simulation tutorial