Electric Cooling Fan 3D Model – For CFD Simulation

Following my Youtube video tutorial discussing the topic of electric cooling, I decided to upload the 3D Model used in here. The tutorial takes you through the steps of completing a transient CFD simulation of an axial fan cooling an electric device.
I used the sliding mesh method in my simulation with a rectangular box domain containing some electric Chips, transistors and cooling fins. The total time length of the simulation is approximately 2 seconds.

It took the simulation approximately 48 hours while using 5 Cores at 3.8 GHz and 32 Gb RAM. 1.4 Million cells have been generated for the purpose of this simulation.
The picture below a volume rendering of the final result of my simulation:

Electric cooling fan CFD Simulation
Electric cooling fan CFD Simulation

To download the Un-processed Geometry, please click here: DOWNLOAD

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