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Looking for contributors to enrich our engineering library

We’re looking for contributors to provide educational materials, If you have interesting engineering or science publishings that you’ve produced and would like to share on this website, please contact me. For this reason, any material that can help students getting more involved in science would be featured and recommended. Everything on this website is for free, our mission is to make education available and enjoyable to everyone. Additionally, the website will feature any scientific article or design guide post review.

Finally, we are expanding our 3D model’s library and if you would like to feature your designs, please feel free to attach your model in .step format and email it to me at Meanwhile, I will commit to providing the best quality content in engineering designs and simulations.

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First and foremost, this channel is for engineering students and professionals. Accordingly, we have created a library of tutorials in fluid mechanics, CFD, thermal engineering, building services engineering, Civil engineering, structural engineering, Math, and Physics. Additionally, this channel offers an opportunity to learn about the profession of engineering in general and provides guidance through your academic years. Finally, various tutorials and lectures have been produced and uploaded for educational purposes covering a variety of scientific and engineering topics.