Multivariate linear regression analysis program

Machine learning is a very powerful tool used in the field of science and engineering. I am currently taking baby steps trying to learn it.

Recently I made an introductory video explaining the algorithm used behind Multivariate regression analysis which you can watch here: Multivariate linear regression analysis video

From the video tutorial, you can see that I created my first machine learning program using which I would like to share with you.

To download the program for free! Please click here> YES HERE 🙂

After you download the package and click on the installation file you might be prompted with a warning from Windows:

Windows warning message
Windows warning message

Please click on: ‘More Info’ and then click on: ‘Run anyway’ and ignore the spooky warning. I just did not pay for a certificate that’s all!  An uncertified application would trigger a warning but I assure you this program is 100% safe to run.

When you download the package, there is a Guide text file which gives you some hints on how to start. Additionally, when you install the program and open it, you can hit the Help button for more guidance.

Multivariate linear regression analysis
Multivariate linear regression analysis

I hope this software makes you more interested in machine learning!

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