Studying Pressure Waves Propagation and Reflection Using CFD

Looking at pressure waves reflected by surrounding walls, merging and interfering is mesmerizing! You can create a simple simulation in 2D and indeed it would also apply to 3D models using ANSYS Fluent academic license. The geometry I created has a rectangular surface of 139 m width and 70.7 m length.

Furthermore, I added 8 rectangular structures that perforated the surface. The cuts in the domain represent a number of distributed walls.

2D model for pressure wave study.
2D model for pressure wave study.

The good news is that you can create a decent mesh with high resolution with the academic license in 2D. The total number of elements is 220,709 cells. Additionally, I created a defined region which I later used as a high-pressure source point. The point is somewhere at the right bottom side of the fluid domain.

High resolution mesh.
High-resolution mesh.

I used the density based model with a boundary condition of 10,000,000 Pa. Also, I selected a time-step of 5e-5 s.

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