3D models and CFD tutorials

I connected this page directly to my Youtube channel by uploading a variety of files used in my video tutorials. A list of 3D models is available for download. Additionally, you can find a lot of guiding materials that cover topics in hydraulic modeling, CFD simulation results, and Revit CAD tutorials. Ultimately, I am looking forward to adding as many 3D models as possible which could be used by you for free!
I will be delighted to see your 3D models, or any engineering document you would like to share, please contact me at ra.kobeissi@gmail.com 
I would always appreciate any contribution you make.

REVIT 2017 Tutorial download - Plumbing design of domestic bathrooms

Try the case file, please >Click Here

NACA Airfoil Geometry and Mesh Downloads

Get the case, please >Click Here

Vent for CFD CO2 dispersion simulation

Get the 3D Model >Click Here

3D valve fluid volume Download

To Get the geometries please >Go to this link

CFD simulation of a flow over a stepped spillway

Stepped Spillway 2D Geometry for CFD simulation

To download the geometry please >Go Here

waves generation in open channel flow

Generating waves in open channel flows

Do you want the geometry? >Go Here

Single rotating reference frame

Single rotating frame reference CFD Tutorial - Geometry

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

Acoustics Field CFD Simulation - Geometry

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

Solar heat pipe

3D Solar heat pipe tube Model

Get the 3D Model here

CFD ANSYS Tutorial – 3D object falling in water 6DOF Dynamic Mesh Simulation - DOWNLOAD 3D MODEL!

Get the Geometry for free > Here

Inner zone

CFD Tutorial - vertical axis wind turbine

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

CFD ANSYS Tutorial - Simulation of a Tsunami

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

Electric cooling fan CFD Simulation

3D Electronic device with an axial fan

Download 3D Electronic Device with axial fan>Go Here

3D Model of a Rocket For CFD Simulation

3D Model available here

DPM Simulation using multiphase model

3D Model of a pipe with 3 inlets and 1 outlet

3D Model available here

Temperature distribution contour

3D Model of an Electrical box used for CFD Simulations

3D Model Of an Electrical Box available here

3D Model of an aircraft

3D Model of an aircraft to be used in a CFD simulation

3D Model Of an Aircraft

2-Way FSI Simulation - System coupling

3D Model of a Duct with internal vanes - as used in a 2-Way FSI Simulation

3D Model Of a Duct with internal vanes

LES Model of methance combustion

3D Model of a Methane combustion chamber (LES Simulation)

3D Model Of a methane combustion chamber

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