3D models and CFD tutorials

I connected this page directly to my Youtube channel by uploading many of the files I use in my tutorials. Consequnetly, you will be ale to download a variety of 3D models used in my CFD tutorials. Additionally, you can find a variety of guiding materials that covers topics like hydraulic modeling, CFD simulation results, and Revit CAD tutorials. Ultimately, I am looking into adding as many 3D models as possible which could be download by you for free.

I will be delighted to see your 3D models, or any engineering document you’ve written, please contact me at ra.kobeissi@gmail.com 

I appreciate your contribution to this website and I will always welcome it

REVIT 2017 Tutorial download - Plumbing design of domestic bathrooms

Try the case file, please >Click Here

NACA Airfoil Geometry and Mesh Downloads

Get the case, please >Click Here

Vent for CFD CO2 dispersion simulation

Get the 3D Model >Click Here

3D valve fluid volume Download

To Get the geometries please >Go to this link

CFD simulation of a flow over a stepped spillway

Stepped Spillway 2D Geometry for CFD simulation

To download the geometry please >Go Here

waves generation in open channel flow

Generating waves in open channel flows

Do you want the geometry? >Go Here

Single rotating reference frame

Single rotating frame reference CFD Tutorial - Geometry

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

Acoustics Field CFD Simulation - Geometry

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

Solar heat pipe

3D Solar heat pipe tube Model

Get the 3D Model here

CFD ANSYS Tutorial – 3D object falling in water 6DOF Dynamic Mesh Simulation - DOWNLOAD 3D MODEL!

Get the Geometry for free > Here

Inner zone

CFD Tutorial - vertical axis wind turbine

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here

CFD ANSYS Tutorial - Simulation of a Tsunami

Get the Geometry for free >Go Here